September 1 is the first day of school for every child throughout Russia, and a cause for celebration.  Besides the normal rituals, students wear these old style pinnafore things on the first day of school.  These are basically the old style of school uniform worn in tsarist Russia.  They were outlawed under the soviet union, as representing the bourgeois past, but were brought back as normal school uniforms in the 30s (not surprising). Now students adorably wear them on September 1st. Of course, when graduating highschool, the girls wear a slutty version of this.  Because, Russia

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In Japanese tradition, rabbits live on the Moon where they make mochi, the popular snack of mashed sticky rice. This comes from interpreting the pattern of dark patches on the moon as a rabbit standing on tiptoes on the left pounding on an usu, a Japanese mortar

Not only does it allow Chinese women to avoid getting a tan, it affords older women a lot of anonymity.  The comfort and freedom that comes from the anonymity means that women will not feel ashamed of their bodies (if someone recognize them), and means that a lot of older women are swimming now

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"I had to be a nationalist before I could be a humanist. I had to come to understand that black people are not merely the victims of the West, but its architects. The philosophes started the sentence and Martin Luther King finished it."


"On the contrary, the more literate, prosperous, and politically organized the Cherokees made themselves, the more resolved they became to keep what remained of their land and improve it for their own benefit.
Cosmopolitanism, openness to other cultures, openness to education did not make the Cherokee pliant to American power; it gave them tools to resist. Realizing this, the United States dropped the veneer of “culture” and “civilization” and resorted to “Indian Removal,” or The Trail of Tears. “


"Sometimes you do need the master’s tools to dismantle his house."

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"If all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish."
- Jonas Salk, Biologist 

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